December 2007

The Ultimate Boss DS-1 Mod

28 December 2007

Ideology Behind the Mod:

I bought a DS-1 with the notion to mod it. I knew what it was like stock so I wanted to see what I could do with it to try and improve the sound. I figured I would perform the well known Robert Keeley’s mod and it would be great. Well I did the Keeley mod and wasn’t all that impressed. I found the pedal had too much gain (it was always like that), it lacked mids, the tone control was shrill, the bass was flabby loose and the tone tended to get fuzzy. The pedal was also not very versatile in it’s tonal range.

I set out to modify the pedal to address my needs and fix the issues listed above. I have now incorporated some of the Keeley Mods, other mods from people and my own. I must say I really like the result. After hours of tweaking my Boss DS-1 it is now exactly what I wanted it to be. It has great response to your picking, it is very smooth, the lows are round and tight, it has a lot more mids, less gain, is very tube like sounding and the tone control is also so much nicer.

I tried to model the modified sound roughly after a Tube Screamer. It has that classic Tube Screamer style tone with a slight mid hump. It is slightly different in the sense that it does have a bit more gain (good for more modern style music) and more dynamics.

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