April 2009

Top Drive Preamp

18 April 2009

This is a new preamp design I have called “Top Drive”. Top Drive is a compact tube powered preamp that is quite unique and rocking. The preamp is voiced in interesting way,  the sound is very much like a classic Vox amp. The preamp has got that great top end “jangley” character with that nice almost loose bottom end. It has great clarity and character all the way up the volume control. When the volume control is maxed out there is great singing type of distortion. Top Drive is very much like an old Vox AC30 in the sense that is has a single volume control. With no master volume (gain) control this means you need to crank up the volume for that great tube saturation. There is something about non-master volume amps that make them special and sound different. [you know you want to read more…]