July 2009

Dumble ODS: 50W #124

17 July 2009

Dumble amplifiers are synonymous with the rarest finest boutique amplifiers.  Alexander “Howard” Dumble started building Dumble brand amplifiers in the 60’s in southern California. Over time he made and designed many amps (most notable the Overdrive Special) that were used by some very big names in the music industry (Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Johnson, Carlos Santana, John Mayer, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Ben Harper, etc.).

All of Dumble’s amps are hand built one at a time sometimes taking years to build and tweak just right for the client. There are many stories of Alexander Dumble and the various quirks and antics surrounding his business and persona…

The Overdrive Special (ODS) is by far Dumble’s most well-known and popular amp. As a result they are Dumble’s most produced amp with approximately 250 built. With previously owned ODS’ selling for over $100,000 USD these days online they are not your average basement rockers amp. [you know you want to read more…]