PDF (Pretty Damn Fine) Electronics is a company based out of Toronto, Canada. PDF Electronics focuses around the design, building and experimentation of tube amplifier and effects pedal circuits.

pdf-electronics-shop-workingLike many guitar playing enthusiasts I have always had a fascination with gear. Also like many guitarists I have always liked tweaking my gear and getting the most out of it. This led to opening up pedals, amps, etc. and marveling at all the little parts inside. Eventually after some experimentation and research I started modifying my own pedals then building some pedals of my own.

After many builds and lots of learning along the way I took my passion for electronics to the next level going to university for electrical engineering. Though school never taught me how to design a super sweet sounding tube amp I have picked up a lot of relevant knowledge through out. Along the way I have worked for various companies building, servicing and helping with design of audio equipment. I have also designed and built a lot of my own gear, because you can never have enough gear!

PDF Electronics is the cumulative effort of many years of work and the projects that came with them. Thanks for reading and for stopping by…..

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