Dumble ODS: 100W HRM

29 May 2010

After building a 50W Dumble Overdrive Special (ODS) the next logically thing was to build a louder, fancier Dumble amp. Dumble Overdrive Special’s come in two flavors, HRM and non-HRM. HRM stands for Hot Rubber Monkey (though often called Hot Rodded Marshall) and refers to a Marshall tonestack placed at the end of the Overdrive channel. This added internal trim pot based tonstack allows the player to have better control over the Overdrive channel tone.

Since the PAB disables the tonestack in the Clean channel you can see how using the PAB and the Overdrive channel simultaneously allows you to have a dedicated clean tone and rely less on the Clean channel tone. In other words you don’t have to compromise your Clean channel tone in order to get a good Overdrive channel tone and vice versa with HRM ODS’.

Though there are many similarities between the HRM ODS and the non-HRM ODS this 100W HRM build and my 50W non-HRM ODS build are quite different sounding. I enjoy the complexity, tweaking and sound of Dumble amplifiers so I decided to take on this build for these reasons. [you know you want to read more…]


The Ultimate Boss CS-3 Mod

14 February 2009

Ideology Behind the Mod:

Another Boss pedal hits the chopping block!

The Boss CS-3 compressor stock is just a terrible pedal in my opinion. It is incredibly noisy; I mean it has a ton of noise! Yes compressors are high gain and noise is to be expected from them but this pedal design seems excessively noisey. The noise is really over powering and can seriously take away from one’s playing. I also find the actual tone of the pedal very bland and flat/boring sounding. Not that I particularly like using a compressor for rhythm guitar work but when you use the stock pedal for rhythm your tone turns to mush. All the notes blend together with no note separation, it sounds like one big mess. There is no twang or squish that excited me when the pedal is turned on like a good compressor should do. The attack is quite boring and it just seems to lack life overall.

I decided to come up with a fairly simple mod to take this cheap generic compressor and turn it into something more exciting sounding to address the issues above. [you know you want to read more…]


The Ultimate Boss BD-2 Mod

August 28, 2008

Ideology Behind the Mod: After playing with Boss BD-2 for a while I was not impressed. No blues player would ever need the gain this unit puts out. Even the minimum gain was blowing my head off. This pedal was very shrill sounding, I couldn’t use the tone control at all, way too piercing. There […]

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The Ultimate Boss DS-1 Mod

December 28, 2007

Ideology Behind the Mod: I bought a DS-1 with the notion to mod it. I knew what it was like stock so I wanted to see what I could do with it to try and improve the sound. I figured I would perform the well known Robert Keeley’s mod and it would be great. Well […]

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