Amp & Pedal Forums/Tech Info:

Trinity AmpsAmplifier kits, chassis, transformers cabinets, speakers and more. Great forum too
Amp GarageVery knowledgeable forum with a focus on Dumble and Trainwreck amplifiers
18WThe place for all things Marshall 1974x (18W) related
Metro AmpsForum dedicated to 50W and 100W Marshalls (and more)
Slo CloneForum for the high gain side of amplifiers (Soldano and other high gain beasts)
DIY StompboxesThe place to go to ask anything about DIY pedals
Build Your Own CloneFriendly knowledgeable community of pedal builders
FreestompboxesCommunity dedicated to unearthing boutique pedals and much more
Mad Bean PedalsSelling high quality effects PCBs and a friendly forum to help
Valve WizardThe place to go for technical information on designing tube circuits
Aiken AmpsValuable source of tube theory
AX84Forum discussing all aspects of amplifier circuits
GEOFEXHuge source of pedal and amplifier technical information
Beavis AudioGreat blog/info on the wacky side of DIY pedals
AMZ FXResource on pedal and audio circuits and how to build them
General Guitar GadgetsPCBs and schematics projects
PCBs and schematics projects

Run Off GrooveGreat projects including many amp FET emulators


Part Suppliers:

MouserSupplier for modern electronic components
DigikeySupplier for modern electronic components
Antique Electronics SupplySource of tube amp, cabinet and pedal parts
Hoffman AmpsGreat forum with a good tube parts store
MojotoneAmplifier, cabinets and guitar parts
The Tube StoreTubes and amp parts (Canadian)
Tube DepotTubes and amp parts
Parts ConneXionTube amp and HiFi parts (Canadian)
Saxon CabsQuality speaker cabinets and speakers (Canadian)
Small Bear ElectronicsVast selection of  pedal parts
Pedal Parts PlusLarge selection of enclosures and pedal parts
FuturlecCheap bulk electronics
Tayda ElectronicsCheap electronics including pedal specific parts
Just RadiosCheap very good quality caps and resistors for tube amps


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